Friend of the Rocker Morning Show, man-about town, movie critic, and raconteur, Ryan Jay stopped by The Rocker Morning Show to talk movies opening this weekend.

The Secret Life of Pets

  • “I loved this – such a feel good movie... the music is so well used throughout. I walked out beaming.”
  • “It does not have the depth of Inside Outor Zootopia, but there’s nothing wrong with that.”
  • “It’s a quick 90 minutes and great for all ages.”
  • See it!

Dave and Matt Need Wedding Dates

  • “It’s a rom com with more comedy than romance. I did laugh.”
  • “Adam (DeVine) was way over the top in this movie. Overacting Jack Blackish… (Sugar Lyn Beard) was really overacting and her voice is annoying.”
  • “I like that it’s rated R and racy but not all gross and pandering to the lowest common denominator with the humor.”
  • “Young characters, mature content, and funny.”
  • “I liked it. I found this to be a refreshingly fun and funny movie.”
  • See it!