What's going on?

Motley Crue Cancels Show
Motley Crue canceled their Oct.13 show at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, according to MLive.
The band didn't give a reason why they chose to pull the plug, but I'm speculating it's due to poor ticket sales. I don't need to remind you how awful they were last time they played here, but in case y…
Did These Cartoon Characters Turn You On as a Kid?
The fine folks at the Huffington Post put together a list of the "27 Cartoon Characters Who Gave Us the Hots as Kids."
Being the Pervy McPerv that I am, there's definitely a handful on this list turn turned me on as a kid.  Like Jessica Rabbit...
Who Wants WMU/MSU Tickets?
Do you need tickets to see our Western Michigan Broncos taking on those bastards, the Michigan State Spartans?  Well, guess what?  Uncle Ramone has you covered!
Horror Director, Wes Craven, Passes Away at 76
According to the Hollywood Reporter, legendary horror director, Wes Craven, passed away at 76. The Nightmare on Elm Street director lost his battle with brain cancer on Sunday.
We all know Wes as the director of Nightmare on Elm Street and the Scream movies, but one of my personal favorite Wes C…
Motorhead Cover the Rolling Stones
Motorhead is gearing up to release their 94th studio album, Bad Magic, and included on the album is a cover of "Sympathy for the Devil."
I know what you're saying, "Motorhead covering a Rolling Stones song?  How could could it be?"
Kick ass good, that&apos…
Burgers and Brews and Bands, Oh My!
Join me Saturday night at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek for the Backyard Burgers and Brewfest! 
Saturday is going to be a blast! We'll be drinking beer, eating burgers, listening to great local bands, and playing some fun drinking games...
Foxy Boxing Returns to Angels
Show of hands...who here loves to watch beautiful women beat the crap out of each other for cash prizes?
My hand is up.
That's right, foxy boxing returns to Angels Gentleman's Club! Starting Thursday, August 20, Angels will set up the giant boxing ring in the middle of the club, and have the…
HairMania Coming to a Bar Near You
Make sure you've stocked up on Aquanet, because HairMania is coming to town!
That's right folks, our favorite 80s hair metal tribute act (who assure me they don't stuff their spandex!) are playing quite a few shows between now and the end of the year...
GWAR Return to Grand Rapids
Prepare to bow to your lords and masters, as GWAR return to Grand Rapids.
On November 4, GWAR will initiate a mass slaughter at the Orbit Room.
Joining them will be Michigan's own Battlecross, Born of Osiris, and Murder Party.
If you'd like to be part of the mass genocide that is a GWAR show,…
Johnny Depp and Gene Simmons Play “Deuce”
You read right!  Johnny Depp joined Uncle Gene on stage this weekend to perform the KISS klassic, "Deuce" at a Mending Kids event.
The footage is pretty awesome.  Gene sounds great, and as you can tell, Johnny is a really good guitar player...
Chris Broderick calls the Rocker Studios
Recently, I had the chance to speak with former Megadeth guitarist, Chris Broderick, about his latest band, Act of Defiance.
The album rips!  If you're a metal head, make sure to pick this one up when it gets released on August 21.
As always, I hope you enjoy the talk and I hope it doesn&apo…
Disturbed Returns to Grand Rapids
Our favorite former orthodox Jew turned metal front man, David Draiman, will make a bunch of animal noises on stage at the Orbit Room as Disturbed returns to Grand Rapids!
Rejoice! New Metal Supergroup!
Alright metal heads, start rejoicing as your favorite professional wrestler turned metal singer, Chris Jericho, has a new metal super group with some pretty killer players.
According to Blabbermouth, Blood Divisions features Chris Jericho on vocals with members of Nasty Savage, Death, Obituary, and I…
Best Band in Southwest Michigan Plays Kalamazoo Ribfest
This is BoneHawk's van. They were booked to play Kalamazoo Ribfest purely because of this.
Thanks again to Kalamazoo's favorite original rockers, the BoneHawk, for stopping by the Rocker studios this morning! We were going to have Hairmania come by, but last time they were in the studio, th…