The 4th of July is just about here, and while we all want to celebrate with family, it's important that we make sure we're practicing safe social distancing measures. The curve of Coronavirus cases and escalated once again and there have been reports of the virus being spread at many bars that chose to re-open across Michigan.

As of June 29th, it's also now legal to set off fireworks across Michigan until the night of July 4th. Fireworks are allowed from 11 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. every day. People who light fireworks outside of those times can get a fine and ticketed for $1,000. Fireworks can't be lit on public property, schools or churches either. As always, veterans groups are also reminding people to be respectful to neighbors who served and suffer from PTSD.

For many of us we will be travelling somewhere to celebrate this weekend and it's important that you stay safe, especially if where you're going has had many reports of the virus. As always it's good to stay sanitized and wash your hands regularly. But I'm sure there will be family members from all over the state at your events, so here are some important tips to make sure you keep them and yourself healthy:

Important Tips For The 4th of July

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