South Haven's Su Casa Restaurant is under investigation by the Van Buren County Health Department after a woman's Facebook post went viral.

Kristie Bowie took to Facebook Tuesday to tell the story of her daughter's employment at the restaurant and why she ultimately quit:

WWMT's I-Team investigated, and heard from former employees of Su Casa that Bowie's claims were, in fact true. Not only that, it went beyond just the chips and salsa.

Former Su Casa employee Anthony Rigozzi told WWMT that the restaurant would also reuse meat.

The owner of Su Casa, Edgar Suarez, says that the claims about the chips and salsa are true, but that he didn't know that reusing items that seemingly were not touched was not allowed. He told WWMT, "I didn't realize that even if people did not touch them or they were still in the tray, I thought everything was good."

Servers at the restaurant have now been instructed to ask patrons if they would like chips and salsa instead of just automatically bringing it to their table.

The restaurant has stopped reusing items, and remains open. They have been cited by the Health Department.