Friend of the Rocker Morning Show, man-about town, movie critic, and raconteur, Ryan Jay stopped by The Rocker Morning Show to talk movies opening this weekend.

Star Trek Beyond

  • “I wasbeyond impressed by some of the shots and cinematography here.”
  • “I love this cast. I love the new character, Jaylah. Played by Sofia Boutella, an Algerian actress, whom I loved in Kingsman: The Secret Service.”
  • The action was so phenomenal at times, I was squirming in my seat a bit, like as if I moved, I could help the ship move or something.”
  • “This is definitely one to see in the theater and benefit from the surround sound, large screen, all of it.”
  • See it!

Absolutely Fabulous

  • “Everything is funny from the way they deliver their lines, to facial expressions, to the way they walk and move. It’s similar to Sex and the City,in the sense it’s a movie based on a TV series and everything is bigger – music, guest stars, locations, fashion… it’s larger than life.”
  • “…there were great cameos – Rebel Wilson, Kate Moss, Dame Edna, Perez Hilton. That’s about it for who American audiences will recognize.”
  • “It does stray for a while from the main plot and you forget it until it returns to it.”
  • “It is for the fans. And if you love it, by all means go and enjoy it on the big screen.”
  • Rent it!


  • “New sci-fi romantic drama.”
  • “The most minimalist movie I’ve ever seen.”
  • “…I literally had to fight to stay awake… literally the worst movie I’ve seen in a while.”
  • Skip it!