The Guns N' Roses reunion featuring the return of Slash and Duff McKagan has been one of the highlights of the concert circuit for well over a year now, and while not part of the full run, drummer Steven Adler also had a chance to return to his drum seat for the band last year and play for fans at select shows. While catching up with Adler at this past weekend's Ride for Ronnie, he spoke about the experience.

“That was so amazing," exclaimed the rocker about returning to his spot behind the kit for the band. "It was literally a second dream come true. I wish I could’ve done more songs, but I’m thankful I got to do what I got to do. And if they ever give me a call and want me to come back, I’d love to play with them. I love those guys."

Adler was the first loss from the classic lineup of the band, with Matt Sorum eventually taking over for him behind the kit. Over the years, all of the classic lineup moved on minus Axl Rose who filled out the roster with a new lineup of players. As fan interest in a reunion built over the years, Adler was among the more vocal members in expressing his desire to return. So it was a particularly heart warming moment when he finally had a chance to play some songs with Axl, Slash and Duff McKagan again.

The drummer tells us, "As a team we created our dream come true. We created everything we dreamed about as teenagers. I’m so glad I got to do that and a lot of people didn’t. Plus, I’m 52 and I’m alive, baby!"

Adler had a chance over the weekend to rock out some Guns N' Roses favorites with a special lineup put together for the Ride for Ronnie benefit in Los Angeles. The drummer rocked out "Welcome to the Jungle," "Sweet Child o' Mine" and "Rocket Queen" with special guests Patrick Stone of Budderside, Michael Devin of Whitesnake and Lita Ford all taking on vocals, while Foreigner's Jeff Pilson, Hurricane's Robert Sarzo and Quiet Riot's Alex Grossi also jammed along.

When asked about his current music plans, Adler stated, "[I'll] probably take most of this band that I’m playing with here tonight and mostly just do some shows. I just love to play and they’re great guys and a lot of fun.”

The Adler set received one of the biggest responses of the day from those in attendance at Ride for Ronnie. Check out more from our coverage of the event here.

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