Friend of the Rocker Morning Show, man-about town, movie critic, and raconteur, Ryan Jay stopped by The Rocker Morning Show to talk movies opening this weekend.


  • “The opening of the film is so powerful.”
  • “The depth of field and editing was outstanding and the sound design – just the birds hitting the plane gave me the chills.”
  • “It’s like a puzzle how it all fits together and then snaps into realtime when we see it all go down.”
  • “It is incredible.”
  • See it!


  • “This film is “inspired by true events” and that’s where I have to begin this review because I was absolutely beside myself watching this film.”
  • “It’s not the best script. Nothing is very impressive about it – from suspense to editing – but the casting certainly elevates it.”
  • “Some of this movie made me sick to my stomach because of the language – the words we don’t use that disparage groups of people. It’s uncomfortable hearing them but there are people who use them to hurt others.”
  • “I think because I like the stars, and because hearing things like “a revolution to end races,” and “throwing a youth event for Hitler’s birthday,” are so disturbing, it distracts from the problems of the film – but it’s not strong on every level, so it’s one to catch at home someday.”
  • Rent it.