Trick Or Treating Is Allowed - Sort Of
The Whitmer administration in Lansing, to the surprise of many, is not ordering a halt to Halloween trick or treating this year. The state Health and Human Services Department believes there are safe ways for kids and parents to have fun but still stay safe...
Some Costumes You May Need To Avoid This Halloween
Stuff a Lions hoodie with a fake fat belly to fatten yourself up, throw a Lions cap on your head, adorn your face with a fake beard and shove a pencil behind your ear and voila! You're an NFL coach with a 9 and 22 win/loss record.
JT's Top 5 Least Scary Movies
Silence Of the Lions: In this take off of Groundhog Day, The Detroit Lions keep blowing leads in the 4th quarter and lose more games than they win, game after game, season after season. This epic horror documentary is so true to life, that many fans have been known to go mad. Watch at your own risk!…
Trick Or Treat Candy That Will Get Your Home Egged
this candy will not only draw confused looks but looks of anger when the kids realize that once the gumdrop sticks to your teeth it never comes off. I've had a raspberry gumdrop stuck to the back of my tooth since 1978.

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