Batman Spotted on I-69
You may have heard that Batman (actor Adam West) passed away this weekend.  Well, we're not so sure.  Driving up from Coldwater Sunday afternoon on I-69, the caped- crusader was spotted driving....well, a three-wheeled Batmobile!
This just in...
My New Favorite TV Character This Fall Season
I have been enjoying the new Fox Show "Gotham" this fall.  One of the main reasons is the character named, Oswald Cobblepot played by Robin Lord Taylor.  This is the show set in Gotham City before the arrival of Batman.
Happy 25th Anniversary to Tim Burton’s Batman
Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the release of Director Tim Burton's "Batman".  A film that set the tone for not only summer blockbuster's to come but also set the standard for Comic Book movies that we see being released to this date.