Dug the Dog - Caption This
Everyone, meet Dug.
Dug is the latest addition to my friend's family; a black lab mix with energy for days and a face that gets him out of trouble.
He's a good boy.  He's a very good boy.
He's also super photogenic, as you can see...
Rescued Van Buren County Dogs Available for Adoption
As previously reported, more than 100 animals were removed from a particularly severe hoarding situation in Van Buren County, late last month, and now these dogs are getting the chance to find their "furrever home." Slowly, after being given a thorough exam by veterinarians, each animal ha…
110 Animals Removed from Van Buren County Home
According to a statement by an officer on the scene of an animal hoarding situation in Van Buren County, "Just even coming up to the home, several hundred feet away, the smell of ammonia from the dogs, animals feces, urine, and smell was outrageous...

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