Kalamazoo Man Collects Kicks for Kids
It's heartbreaking to see our neighbors and friends go without, especially when they are children. No child should be without food, shelter, and clothing. Dave Karlson Ngouambe Chenogoue, of Kalamazoo, knows this first hand.  That's why he has teamed up with Kicks for Kids, an or…
Portage Man Pays Off Student Lunch Debt
With all the chaos in the news, recently, it's wonderful to see our faith in humanity restored.  A Portage man, who wishes to remain anonymous, learned of a student lunch debt at the school his grandchildren attend. Knowing the struggle some families faced just before the holidays, he reached in to …
Giving Tuesday - Five Ways to Give in Kalamazoo
We've all heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday; two days devoted to wheelin' and dealin', crossing names off your list one sale at a time. But 'tis the season of giving, and today is Giving Tuesday, a day devoted to giving, rather than gifting.