Gifts Vs Gift Cards Which Is Better
The battle between giving someone a real gift or a gift card. Both have advantages and disadvantages when deciding which way to go in your gift giving endeavor this holiday season but only one can win.
Rocket Fizz Kalamazoo to Celebrate 3 1/2 Month-aversary
Tom Holmer, co-owner of Rocket Fizz Kalamazoo ran in to a crazy problem. People kept approaching him and asking when the store was going to open. "It's been open for months!" he would reply. And that got him thinking... how many people don't know they're open? Why not hold a…
Bishop Gets Special Delivery from Listener G.G.
Today started off like any other Thursday; hit the snooze twice, brush the teeth, feed the cats, hop in my car, go back inside to grab the lunch I forgot, get back in car, and head to work.
That's where normal ended and happiness began.
A FedEx package was sitting in my box, greeting me as I ente…
Behold the Fondoodler
"...And on the 9th day the Fondoodler was created.  And it was good."
Cheese lovers UNITE! Behold the kitchen contraption that is going to be on EVERYONE'S list this year; the Fondoodler. Think a glue gun, but with cheese. You just load up the tube with whatever cheese you have on hand (yes…
Worst Gifts Ever
The Season of Gift Giving is upon us.  As a direct result, so is the Season of Disappointment.  I remember one fateful Christmas; as I watched all the children in the room open Mighty Max Playsets, Skip-Its, and other assorted early 90s fads, I unwrapped a training bra and matching panties…