The Bish Gished 2020
This year we filled a pinata will our negative self talk and beat the crap out of it. We sang a socially distanced refrain of Kansas' Carry On My Wayward Son. We even parachuted passed customs... kinda. It was one hell of an exhausting week, but so worth it.
The Bish Gished 2019
Another year, another GISH! Indeed the scavenger hunt that consumes my every waking moment for eight days has come and gone in a flash, but just like last year, I'm sharing some of the shenaniganzing we got up to because I couldn't be more proud of my team. Without further ado, and using aliases to protect the shameless... The Bish GISHed 2019...
The Bish GISHed 2018
GISH is a week-long Guinness World Record-winning international scavenger hunt bringing the oddest, bravest, and most creative people together to do good in the community, conquer fears, and create strangely wonderful works of art. Over 100 countries participate in GISH. Some choose to play for fun, others to win. Either way, no one walks away from a week of GISHing unchanged.