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Remember “Spool” Furniture?
Ok.  This may be the stupidest blog ever.  Our engineer Dale Schiesser brought this back on the old classic car trailer from a project somewhere in the company and it got me to thinking.  I remember back in the 70s people used to have smaller versions of these spools in their apartmen…
More Mckellyisms
So it's obvious now that certain members of the staff are secretly recording me for YouTube with the purpose of making me look bad.
McKellyism Videos
I've got another vacation coming up and the hardest thing about being away is how much the rest of the staff misses me.  For the record, they miss me lots and lots.
The Stones In Detroit
It started out with my 15-year-old daughter wanting to see a band called "Walk The Moon" who just happened to be opening for the Rolling Stones at Comerica.  What it became was one of the best concert experiences of my "concert filled" life.
Meditation For Normal People
Many of the "new age" gimmicks to get your mind right just don't apply to people like you and me.  We're normal people and we need something that fits our normal personality from stress created by normal stress situations.
Better Safe Than Sorry This Weekend
Take it from me, make sure you're safe with the fireworks this weekend.  I've never mentioned this out of the "circle of friendship," but many years ago I almost burned down my house and the 2 neighbors on each side.
Next Chance At The Z28
The 2015 Rocker Classic Car, a black 1980 Camaro Z28, makes it's Kalamazoo debut tomorrow, June 13, at Seelye Ford on Stadium Dr.  I will be broadcasting live from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. letting you get qualified guaranteed to win the ride on August 21.

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