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Relationship Tips For Charles Manson WRKR
As I blogged recently, I'm often solicited for relationship/marriage advice.  Friends and acquaintances alike tap into my huge reservoir of information on all things coupling.
Yesterday, however, we found out Charles Manson is getting married to a woman he met through correspondence...
Is Mike Sexier With A Guitar? [Poll]
Today on the Rocker Morning Show, Stefani read a stat that claims a man who plays guitar is instantly 90% sexier.
The article goes on to claim that even a man "with" a guitar is sexier.
Well, let's just see about that...literally.
Kalamazoo Halloween Block Party
Our friends from Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety stopped by the Rocker Morning Show to remind us of a great event on Halloween: The Second Annual Block Party.
This year it's on Florence Street (between N. Westnedge and Burrell avenues).
Huey Lewis on the RKR Rocker Morning Show
It was almost 28 years ago when a young couple living and working in Akron, Ohio went to see Huey Lewis and the News at the Cleveland Coliseum.
With a baby on board, later to be named Ryan, they ventured backstage.
I was working for WONE at the time, and, being the "radio jokester," …