Rocker Cheap Date

The Rocker Cheap Date: Home Again on Sunday for $5
"Crazy things happen when a single mom in L.A. let's three young men move in" is the kind of plot that gets a triple-x rating. But when America's girl-next-door Reese Witherspoon is the star, you know you're in for a heart-warming, endearing, funny flick.
The Rocker Cheap Date: Dunkirk on Sunday for $5
Based on historic events, Dunkirk tells the story of Belgian, British, and French soldiers surrounded by the advancing German army, and a rescue mission of epic proportions.
Attention history buffs, you can see Dunkirk for just $5 this Sunday, August 27th, at Celebration Cinema Crossroads...
The Rocker Cheap Date: Girls Trip on Sunday for $5
A movie on Ryan Jay's "See It!" list, Girl's Trip promises to be one of the funniest comedies to come out in years. And you can see it for the low, low price of just five dollars Sunday, Augut 13th, at Celebration Cinema in Portage!
When four lifelong friends travel to New Orleans for the a…
The Rocker Cheap Date: The Big Sick on Sunday for $5
Head to Celebration Cinema this Sunday, July 30th, for "The Big Sick," starring Kumail Nanjiani. $5 gets you in to see this true story of Nanjiani's real-life courtship with his wife, Emily. While struggling with a clash between their cultures, Emily is diagnosed with a strange illness tha…