Route 66

The Rest of Route 66
Here are some of the highlight's of the rest of Route 66 that My wife and I encountered over the time of our trip.  The various fiberglass giants such as the Gemini Giant and the Bunyan giant in Illinois.
A Great Stop on Route 66
Continuing to post various highlights of my trip on Route 66 and Colorado with a cool stop just north of Oklahoma City in a Town called Arcadia, this place is called "Pops".
Meramec Caverns Another Cool Stop off Route 66
Another one of the Highlights of my recent trip on Route 66 is Meramec Caverns in Missouri.  These are the Caverns that were advertised on barn's along the route for years and was also the hideout for the James Brothers.
Leaving My Mark at the Cadillac Ranch
You've heard the Bruce Springsteen song, and yes there's a Cadillac Ranch.  It's located west of Amarillo, Texas.  It is a bunch of old Cadillac's planted nose down in a cow pasture.
Excited for My Upcoming Route 66 Trip
My Wife and I are getting ready to head out on a Route 66 trip later on this month.  We plan on taking the road from Joliet, Illinois to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Now neither of us have been on the road so will be exciting to check it out.