Julia Louis-Dreyfus Announces Breast Cancer Diagnosis
The fight is just beginning for one of Hollywood’s most revered comediennes. Veep and Seinfeld favorite Julia Louis-Dreyfus took the courageous step of announcing her own breast cancer diagnosis over Twitter, pivoting the discussion to healthcare as HBO answers questions about Veep’s f…
Walmart Chick Fight!
There's always been something about a chick fight.  It was even immortalized on Seinfeld in the famous "Cat Fight" episode with Raquel Welch and Molly Shannon.
"The Shining" Sitcom
I struck gold years ago when I stumbled upon the "happy" trailer for Stanley Kubrick's classic, "The Shining."  It features Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill," for cryin' outside!  So while I sat there, satisfied that nothin…