Shrek the Musical

Kalamazoo Civic Summer Costume Shop Sale
Need a top hat or hoop skirt for your steampunk Halloween costume? Are you a collector of vintage corsets? Are you a parent looking to add something fun and funky to your child's dress-up box? The Kalamazoo Civic's need for more wardrobe space is your gain.
The Civic Theater: Shrek the Musical
Whew!  What a show! The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre's production of "Shrek the Musical" is a must-see... (and I'm not just saying that because I'm backstage moving sets this Sunday).  From the costumes, to the performances (I'm looking at you, Rob Bradford/Donkey), to the GIANT DRAGON that comes to life onstage, there's something for the whole family to be amazed by; and don't worry, adults,