Southwest Michigan

You Really Want to Know When the First Snow Is Coming in Michigan
I do know there's a natural curiosity about when the first freeze and the first snowfall will occur in this part of Michigan. Skiing enthusiasts, of course, want to know, and plenty of people love this month leading into Thanksgiving and then to the Christmas holidays. But predicting an exact date is a bit folly. In some ways, I'm surprised the betting apps are taking wagers on this stuff.
MDHHS Says ‘Do Not Eat’ Fish From Parts Of Kalamazoo River
The 2018 regional Eat Safe Fish Guides were released May 1 by the MDHHS. The guide says that from the Morrow Dam in Kalamazoo County to the Allegan Dam in Allegan County, every fish caught in the Kalamazoo River is listed as "Do Not Eat" due to PCBs in the fish. According to the MDHHS, eating even one meal of Bluegill, Carp, Rock Bass or any other fish from parts of the Kalamazoo River could result in health problems.
5 Delicious Food Fests Coming Soon to Southwest Michigan
The sun is shining. The birds are singing. We made it to spring, folks! We sure have been cooped up in our respective dwellings for far too long, and there's no better way to get out and enjoy this weather than by celebrating some of the many foods that make Michigan a truly delicious place to live.

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