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Stefani Bishop Broadway Karaoke – Watch This NOW
It's no secret; I love me some theater.  On stage, back stage - you name it, I've been there, done it.  The number of soundtracks in my collection is embarrassing.  I can't dance without throwing out some Fosse moves and saying "Fosse" while doing it..…
New Movies to Watch, Skip
Every Friday, Ryan Jay joins The Rocker Morning Show to tell us what movies are worth seeing, and what are worth skipping.
This morning, Ryan reviewed Duff and McCarland, USA.
Stefani Misinterprets 'Rabbits'
When I was a toddler, my father packed us up in the car to take us to "See The Rabbits."
I was so excited. We drove and drove and drove, the fields of Illinois eventually giving way to, well, more fields in Iowa. But we were going to see the rabbits, and I was soooooooooo excited...
New Movies To Watch
One of America's most popular radio film critics, Ryan Jay, recently joined the Rocker Morning Show to help you decide what’s worth seeing on the big screen.

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