the avengers

Great Time To Be A Marvel Fan
It's a great time to be a Marvel fan.  Today was the release of the new Ant-Man trailer.  The Avengers sequel is a few weeks away.  Agents of Shield is winding down their season, and Daredevil premiered over the weekend on Netflix.
‘The Avengers’ Meet ‘Watchmen’
As we wait for the release of "The Avengers" sequel in May, YouTube user The Unusual Suspect, put together a new trailer for the first Avengers movie.  It's done in the style of Zack Snyder's "Watchmen".
Paul Rudd is Ant Man
If you haven't heard, Paul Rudd will play Marvel's Ant Man.  Ant Man will kick off Marvel's "phase 3."  Basically, each Marvel "phase" ends with an Avengers movie.
If you're not familiar with Ant Man, he's a scientist who invents …