three rivers

Three Rivers Teens Help Homeless with Grocery Bags
If plastic bags were currency, I'd be a very wealthy woman.  They're under my sink, in a kitchen drawer, in a bin by the cat's box.  Don't get me wrong, I bring my reusable bags with me every trip to the store, but between bags for produce, and bags to wrap meat, and bags to keep chemicals separate from food...
Two Local Men On Forbes “30 Under 30″ List
Every year Forbes releases their "30 Under 30" list.  With 20 different categories, and 600 honorees, the "30 Under 30" list is intended to celebrate the "do-gooders, bright stars, and prodigies, who are reinventing the world." Of course, a lot of the focus in the media ends up highlighting athletes, musicians, Hollywood starlets - but did you know two young men makin