Interviews don't always go according to plan.

Sometimes the record label puts you on a guest list and gives you the tour manager's number for an onsite interview, and you arrive only to find out that you're not on the guest list and the tour manager won't answer his phone.

This was the chance I took when trying to interview Kevin Starrs (aka Uncle Acid) last Saturday at the Metro in Chicago. Lucky for me, things went according to plan.


I arrived at the Metro around 5 p.m. — 30 minutes before my scheduled interview. I texted Kevin's tour manager confirming my arrival, and he told me that Kevin went to check out a guitar store in Chicago and should be back soon. So, I waited in front of the venue, since I had nothing else to do, and waited for the text that Kevin had arrived. Around 5:45 p.m., a bus passed, and crossing the street in front of me was none other than Uncle Acid.

I approached Kevin and told him who I am and that I'm scheduled to interview him.  Usually, the artist has no idea what's going on the day of the show, and I was waiting for him to tell me to stay put while he talks to his tour manager.  Instead, Kevin said he's aware of the interview, and walks me backstage to his dressing room, where we admire each other's battle jackets.

Below is the short chat I had with Kevin before his show in Chicago. Of course, right after I turned the recorder off, Kevin goes on about how "Black Motorcade" was supposed to be the b-side of the "Waiting for Blood" single that never came out, among other great stories.

Note to self: leave recorder on until you leave venue.

Oh, and by the way, Kevin and his girlfriend, Karin, are some of the nicest people I have ever met.