It's about a month away from what could be an historic vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana in the sate of Michigan.  I've chronicled in several blogs the many areas of concern surrounding this issue and what the 2 sides are saying in terms of for and against.  The one thing we haven't heard much of is the industrial and economic value of merely growing hemp.  This is a crop that has huge potential but has been derided in misconception for over a hundred years.

Hemp is from the same family but is not marijuana as it contains very little THC.  For years people have thought this and many still do but hemp has so many uses it's almost a crime that we haven't been taking advantage all along.  It can be used to make paper (saving trees), clothes, human food, pet food, bio fuel and the list goes on and on.  If it weren't for the stigma, we could have capitalized on it and changed the world.  Now there's a bill in the Michigan House that would allow farmers to start growing it for all the right reasons.  We have the possibility of legalized weed to thank for that.  Get more information by clicking HERE.

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