I've been saying for a while now that Donald Trump has done something for presidential politics that will change the process forever.  He has proven that a celebrity can get the nomination of their party.

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Sure, celebrities have gone into politics whether they're actors, athletes or musicians but, aside from Ronald Reagan, no one famous-first has run for president. And Reagan was governor of California before running.

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So, speculation grows as to what celebrity will throw their hat in the ring when the time comes.  We've heard the likes of Alec Baldwin & George Clooney.  But what about Rock Stars?  Our friends at ranker.com did a poll of Americans to see what Rock Star would make the best president.  Now, the 100 listed include some foreigners who don't qualify and some who are dead and REALLY don't qualify.  Click HERE for the list.

My Top 5 have nothing to do with party affiliation (like myself) but rather those with the intelligence and integrity to do the job.

1.Bruce Springsteen

2.Dave Grohl

3. Henry Rollins

4. Trent Reznor

5. Ted Nugent