One of my favorite sites to check on a regular basis is and recently they came up with the list of the sports teams with the most fanatical fans; which, I know, is redundant.  But anyway... the first thing I looked for was where did Michigan and Ohio St. place on the list and, more important, who was ranked higher.  Click HERE for the list.

hoto by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Then it got me to thinking about who then would be the worst fans.  In my experience the worst fans are Ohio St. fans. Now, I have other points of reference since my son Ryan and his wife Lauren live in Columbus; both U of M grads.  I found that the students and faculty were great fans.  It's the "townies" that were the worst I've ever encountered.  Here's my top 5 WORST fans...

1. Ohio St.

2. Bears

3. Notre Dame

4. Bulls

5. Alabama