More and more Kalamazoo is becoming known as a Craft Beer epicenter.  Before all this happened, Kalamazoo had a reputation of being a huge proponent of art which, of course is exemplified by "Art Hop".  There is still a strong connection though recently diluted by Grand Rapid's Art Prize.  Bastards!!! Let them get their own ideas!!!

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So, for the sake of argument, let's say that Kalamazoo is know for art and beer. Now, there's a way to combine the 2 and make you famous; at least around here.  Art Council of Kalamazoo, Arcadia Brewing, Imperial Beverage and Millennium Restaurant Group are creating a special beer called Art Hops to represent these to Kalamazoo strengths.  And you've got a chance to design the label.  Click HERE to find out how.