Let me tell you a little something about Bernard.  He’s a swingin’ American man in his late 20s living the high life in Paris as an architect.  He has a fantastic flat overlooking the whole city.  He has a maid who cooks and cleans for him.  Did I mention he’s engaged?  Yes, oh yes, Bernard’s engaged to a beautiful New Yorker… and a German… and an Italian.  All three of his fiancés are flight attendants, so Bernard always has one at home, one in the air, and one at her destination at any given time, and none of them know about each other!

Perfect, right?  Bernard has figured out the secret to juggling three women at once!

That’s what Bernard thinks…

…that is, until one fateful day when weather and faster planes land all three women in Paris at the same time.

With the help of his best friend visiting from Wisconsin, and his stressed-out housekeeper, will Bernard be able to keep each of the women from meeting each other and thereby keeping up his non-committal bachelor lifestyle?  Or, will Bernard have some explaining to do?

That is the plot of The Civic’s latest show, “Boeing Boeing,” a farce, opening this Friday and running through April 19th.  For those of you not familiar with the term farce, don’t get scared.  You’ve seen farces before, you just didn’t realize it.  Think Three’s Company; lots of doors, white lies, mistaken circumstances or identities, all the while wondering just how these characters are “going to get out of this one!” – but, at the end, the credits roll over a happy ending.  That’s farce.  See.  Not scary at all.

So, why am I talking about Boeing Boeing like I’ve got some sort of stake in it?  Well, I just so happen to BE in this show, cast as Gabriella, the Italian flight attendant, and the cast and crew of this show have entered “Tech Week,” or “Hell Week,” as it’s commonly known among theater folk.  “Tech Week” means we are getting close to opening night; adding lights, sound, costumes, make-up, hair, props – the whole nine, as we count down the last few rehearsals to the show.  Late nights.  No sleep.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For more info on the show, or for ticket information click here.

On behalf of The Civic Theater, and the cast and crew of Boeing Boeing, we hope to see you there!

Photo by Civic Theater

Pictured left to right: Lea Chevalier (Gloria), Stefani Bishop (Gabriella), Nicole Valencia (Costume Designer), Marin Heinritz (Gretchen), and Robert Davidson (Robert)