I Don’t Shut Down at 7pm – Why Does the Kalamazoo Mall?
I like to meet for dinner by 6:00, so I'm full and happy before the dinner rush starts, and then I fancy a stroll on the mall, seeing what wares and trinkets are in the window. But that's it; I can't go beyond the window, because most of the stores are closed by 7:00pm. Even stopping …
Jay and Silent Bob Get Old Coming to Detroit, Grand Rapids
If you were a 90s kid, then Jay and Silent Bob were fixtures in your life. From Clerks, to Mall Rats, to Chasing Amy, Kevin Smith and Jason Mews created the most unlikely of heroes that the underdog could cheer for. They were Everyman... if Everyman smoked pot, talked raw, and definitely shouldn&apo…
Meijer Recalls Yogurts Over Fears of Glass Contamination
The Food and Drug Administration says that Meijer learned of the problem when a customer returned a yogurt, containing two pieces of glass, and further investigation led them to believe that a problem at the manufacturing facility might have caused the contamination.

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