Stefani Bishop

I met Mike Sage in May of 2012. The new "chick" on The Rocker Morning Show, it was my duty to help with the annual "Grill Opening" in the traditional fashion; the Rubbing of the Meat. On hand for the event was Mike, and a friendship instantly followed. He's such a wonderfully friendly guy with a smile for everyone he meets. I looked forward to his grilled goodies just as much as I looked forward to our conversations at every event in town.

And now, five years later, my friend Mike has opened his own restaurant in Richland, Finale's Pizzeria.  Pizza, calzones; dough is made fresh daily (gluten free crust available), and sauce and sausage is blended using Finale's secret recipe. Come for the sauce; stay for the Plainwell Ice Cream.

Thanks for letting me hang out with you for a little bit, yesterday, Mike and Finale's Pizza Crew! The pizza was FANTASTIC! If I hadn't eaten so much, I would have grabbed a cone for the road.

Best of luck, Mike!  And congratulations!