Despite the "Michigan" weather, over 1,000 braved the elements and joined us at the State Theater on Saturday night for an evening with Jeff Daniels.  We had a great time.  Jeff surprised everyone, I think, because we really didn't know what to expect.  Was he an actor who presumed to be able to entertain a live crowd on the merits of his reputation?  A

bsolutely not!!!  He brought the whole package.  A great musician, storyteller, comedien and most of all a regular guy who related to the crowd in a way that made us all feel like we were friends of his.  And when we went backstage brfore the show, we were so pleased to find a guy who was the same; a regular Michgander who made us feel like we were all friends.  How cool is that?!?!?!?  BTW...sorry about the blurry pic.