What's going on?

Here's Why Everywhere Smells Like Skunk
Are that many skunks getting hit by cars? Are that many skunks getting pissed and spraying an area? Turns out, it's more simple and now more obvious than that.
Help Kalamazoo Foster Children with Duffle Bags of Love
Did you know that local Foster children show up at their temporary family's houses with their belongings in garbage bags? That's if they have any belongings at all. Some arrive with no coats, no shoes, nothing of comfort that promises a happy ending to their family strife. Imagine it; you&…
McKelly Right Again About FireKeepers Casino
Remember back in 2008 when construction began on the new FireKeepers Casino in Battle Creek and many people were up in arms about a gambling establishment in the community?  I said relax you're all jumping to conclusions.
I Don't Shut Down at 7pm - Why Does the Kalamazoo Mall?
I like to meet for dinner by 6:00, so I'm full and happy before the dinner rush starts, and then I fancy a stroll on the mall, seeing what wares and trinkets are in the window. But that's it; I can't go beyond the window, because most of the stores are closed by 7:00pm. Even stopping …
Jay and Silent Bob Get Old Tour Michigan
If you were a 90s kid, then Jay and Silent Bob were fixtures in your life. From Clerks, to Mall Rats, to Chasing Amy, Kevin Smith and Jason Mews created the most unlikely of heroes that the underdog could cheer for. They were Everyman... if Everyman smoked pot, talked raw, and definitely shouldn&apo…
Rocket Fizz Kalamazoo is Hiring
According to their Facebook page, they are looking for people with evening and weekend availability, great customer service skills, and a willingness to "taste unique candies and soda flavors and make recommendations."
The 10 Commandments Of S. Westnedge
Over the years I've been counseled and have counseled on the do's & don'ts of the street. Maybe it's time we laid down the 10 commandments of S. Westnedge.
Discovery Puts Humans in Michigan 2,000 Years Earlier
University of Michigan paleontologists recently excavated a farm in Chelsea where in-tact skeletal remains were unearthed. This single discovery could change everything that scientists know about early Michigan and change the perception of early human/mammoth interaction.
Kalamazoo Gets A Show On DIY Network
I have to admit I'm a DIY and HGTV watcher. Well...my wife is and I just want to spend as much time with her as I can no matter what I have to sit through.
Civic's No Way Out Explores Family's Struggle in Nazi Germany
Geographically torn apart during World War II, a family’s only means of communicating with each other was through their letters. About 500 letters were later found and translated, chronicling the events taking place in Germany starting in the summer of 1938.