The Rocker Cheap Date: Home Again on Sunday for $5
"Crazy things happen when a single mom in L.A. let's three young men move in" is the kind of plot that gets a triple-x rating. But when America's girl-next-door Reese Witherspoon is the star, you know you're in for a heart-warming, endearing, funny flick.
Vote for the New Design for the Rocker Truck
Now is your chance to vote on the new wrap for the Rocker Truck from Wraps-n-Signs in Portage. They're the best in the business at wrapping anything that can be held down. Really. They've wrapped cars, vans, boats, box trucks, refrigerators, mailboxes, laptops, floors, and even toilet seat…
Kalamazoo’s Heritage Guitar To Become National Destination
I thought this was a great idea when I heard it the first time back in 2006 when I SAID IT!!!  It was during the filming of Kalamazoo?, which featured me in an important supporting role, and we were talking to the movie's director Battle Creek's own David O'Malley when we started…
8 Tips for Easy Meal Prep
he subtle art of planning and making your weekday meals ahead of time, prepping meals has been changing wallets and waistlines around the country. But a lot of people who set out to conquer this task give up quickly. Why? There is a learning curve. It took me months to get the rhythm down; to figure…
God’s Kitchen of Michigan Aims to Help Food Insecure
It is estimated that one in six Kalamazoo residents are food insecure. That means your neighbor, your coworker, your next customer might not know when or where their next meal is coming from. A new organization aims to change that.