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Is Chest Hair Hot or Not? – The Results Are In
Last week the Rocker Morning Show talked about a survey by YouGov that asked whether or not chest hair was hot or not. The results were incredibly close, with 25% of women preferring chest hair to the 27% who did not (the rest were undecided). So we wanted to know what Kalamazoo thought about chest …
You Gonna Eat That?
Hey, Rocker Morning Show listeners!  Hopefully most of you had finished breakfast when Mike and I talked about the 10 weirdest food combinations people have actually eaten. If you missed it, how would you like to try pickles dipped in orange juice...
Barn Theatre Shows 2015
If you listen much to the Rocker Morning Show, first, let me say I've lost all respect for you, and second, I often point out the "gems" in our community. The Barn Theatre in Augusta is certainly one of them.

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