There has been alot of great music out of the city of Detroit.  Most I have heard but I'll admit and it's sad that I never really heard the music of "The Frost".  I have heard of Dick Wagner and knew of the work he has done over the years as a session player and on his own.  I heard Jim Cummings on with Mike and Stefani the other day and they were talking about Dick and his various projects over the years.  Mike played the song "Rock and Roll Music" on the air, great song and from that point I had to hear more of "The Frost".  So I sought out their first album "Frost Music".  How this album and band went under the radar I'll never know.  My favorite song is "Mystery Man" classic playing and singing.  Check out this band if you haven't, Dick Wagner past away a few weeks back but has left us with a lot of great music seek it out.