In an era where athletes give stock answers from the world of sports cliches, I applaud Richard Sherman for saying exactly what was on his mind.  If there was ever a time and place for complete candor, this was it!!!  Sure he said he was the best cornerback in the league, but maybe he is.  The fact is, there was trash talking the entire game just like every other NFL game except, this was one of the biggest games in his teams' history and he reacted in the most real and raw way imaginable.  He literally extended the emotion he was experiencing just moments before the interview and gave us a seldom heard glimpse into reality.  Could he have been more diplomatic, more eloquent, more humble even?  No.

Because he ins't any of those things.  He's a shut-down corner that said to Erin Andrews what he said to Michael Crabtree and to his own teammates.  And isn't that what we always say we want?