Yesterday was the 100 anniversary of Wrigley Field home of the Chicago Cubs.  One of the great iconic ball parks one of the oldest  parks still being used, the oldest is Fenway Park in Boston.  I unfortunately haven't been to a game at Wrigley, but I have heard the stories over the years on how no matter how bad the Cubs are this is a great place to see a Baseball Game. From the ivy on the wall, to the bleachers just an historic icon of the game.  I think the only thing missing for this icon is a Cubs Championship.  Will we ever see one again?   Hopefully someday I can go see a game at Wrigley and also Fenway park just to experience the history of these places.  The only old school park I ever got to visit was the great Tiger Stadium which will always be a childhood memory I will always cherish.  Enjoy it while it's still here. Here's to the old school, Happy 100th Wrigley!

Photo by David Banks/Getty Images Sport