Since I was 15 I've hated Manowar.  They dress like Conan the Barbarian and sing about the glory of battle, how they play heavy metal, and remind their listeners that their band's name is "Manowar."  For 15 years, I've carried the flag of hate towards these guys.  And then something happened...In mid-January the impossible happened.  I became a Manowar fan.  How could this happen?  I spent half my life hating these guys, and now I can't stop listening to them.  You can imagine my frustration when they canceled their show at the Royal Oak Music Theater earlier this month (you can read about it here).  You would assume after they canceled that show, I'd be pissed and would toss my Manowar records out the window.  Yes, I was pissed, but for some reason I listened to them even more than before!  Manowar - 1 Ramone - 0

I'm going to assume the band heard my bitching and moaning, because they have rescheduled their show at the Royal Oak Music Theater!  That's the good news.  The bad news is the show is in November.   Oh well, I can wait.