My journey back to my motorcycle days continued yesterday at Hamilton Harley-Davidson on US 12 in Sturgis.  What started out as a disaster last month has become a rebirth of a long-lost love...riding.

I hopped on a 2016 Street Bob and re-kindled the joy of being on a beast that made my heart race.  As I said on the air this morning, the forward controls combined with my short legs made it feel like I wasn't riding; I was hanging on to a rocket.  Like the flip of a switch it all came back to me and I realized what I've been missing.  Yesterday on the Street Bob was like coming home.


If you want to feel what I felt, head down there.  In fact, the 24th & 25th is "Demo Days".  Harley-Davidson will be there with the demo trailer and you can test ride any bike you want!  They'll all be there; plus it's Sturgis Fest so there will be all sorts of partying going on.  Check out all the details by clicking HERE.