As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of doom metal.  It seems a lot of bands in the metal genre are trying to play faster, and more extreme, than the next band.  I get it, your band likes Slayer.  That's probably why I love doom so much.  It's slow, but ultra heavy.  I'll put bands like Cathedral and Electric Wizard up against any thrash band as far as heaviest goes.

Hailing from Rhode Island, Pilgrim just released their second record, II: Void Worship via Metal Blade Records, and this bad boy is heavy!  It took me a few listens, but I'm really getting into this record.  And if you like what you hear on record, check this guys out live because Pilgrim is a completely different experience live.  Slow, technical, heavy.  Your head will bang, although not fast, it will bang.  If you love Sabbath, which I know you do, you'll love Pilgrim.  Void Worship is out now.  Go pick it up on vinyl at your local record shop.

I saw Pilgrim open for Spirit Caravan at the Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids and had the opportunity to chat with The Wizard for a few minutes.  Enjoy the audio, and please excuse my spelling and grammatical errors.