Bad Milo is the touching story of a man and the monster that lives in his bowels.

Yes, you read right.  If you haven't already ran out to rent this, then what's the matter with you!

Bad Milo is about a guy named Duncan who suffers from severe stomach pains caused by stress.  One night the stress becomes too great for Duncan and he passes out, while crapping, but it's not a giant turd that emerges from Duncan's butt!  Milo is apparently some sort of "ass demon" that emerges when its host becomes too stressed and eliminates the stress in the host's life; in this case, co-workers and such.  So, if Milo comes out of Duncan's ass, how does Milo return "home?"  Bingo!  If you're immature like me and appreciate poop jokes, you'll love Bad Milo.

It's no Citizen Kane, but it's worth watching (while drunk) with your buddies on a Saturday night.  There's no metaphors, or underlying messages here, just a good ol' fashion buddy flick.  And in this case, the buddies just happen to be a man and the monster that lives in his ass.