Winter Olympics

Russian’s Still Steaming from USA Olympic Loss
Team USA had a huge win in overtime vs the Russian's on Saturday.  TJ Oshie had the game winner in OT and helped the USA win in the shootout.  It almost didn't end that way when Fedor Tyutin appeared to have scored the game leading goal when it was waived off as the goal was knoc…
Behold Team Canada’s Beer Fridge
The Canadians have figured out a way to keep other countries from stealing their beer. Molson Canadian has placed this beer fridge in their Olympic house.
One of the Reasons to Watch Olympic Skeleton
The Winter Olympics are coming up next month in Sochi and a sport you probably never heard of Skeleton might be worth watching after you see these Trippy Helmets that the members of Canada's Skeleton team wear.  A lot like Hockey Goalie masks these helmets have some cool designs...