Yup.  You read right.  There's a dude out there who was born with two wieners.  I have enough problems with one, imagine if I had two!  I guess said "penises" are positioned side by side, vs. stacked up and down.  If I had a choice, I'd choose stacked up and down, for, you know, obvious reasons.

Online he's referred to as "DoubleDickDude" which is an awesome name!  DoubleDickDude apparently has two partners, one for each penis.  You have to be a very understanding partner to date a guy with two penises.  What if one penis is bigger than the other and you're stuck with the smaller one?  These are the problems DoubleDickDude and his partners face every day.  We have things so easy...

I know you have questions (lord knows I do), so check this out.  It should answer many of those.

::If you're curious, Google Image "doubledickdude" for photos.  Not Safe For Work, because it shows a photo of a man with two penises, which, you know, is unsafe for work::