As some may know and fewer care about, the end of this month marks my 24th year on The Rocker Morning Show.  Over the years I've feigned anger when someone in their mid 30s would delightedly tell me they've been listening since they were a kid.  Now I realize that not only have many grown up listening to The Rocker but we are into our 5th generation; as evidenced by this beautiful little girl.  I'm flattered and also proud that fans of great rock continue to pass it on to next generations.  I've always said that a great song will always be a great song no matter it's age and we are all fortunate to have this Rock Empire that is WRKR.  Sure I'm on the radio.  But if I wasn't, RKR would be MY station too.  So, keep on rockin' and keep on handing it down.

Photo by McKelly