Dave Braganini from St. Julian Winery

Photo by Mckelly

stopped by The Rocker Morning Show this morning and brought the lastest concoction.  It's called Moo Low and it's chocolate flavored wine.  Are you kidding me???  Where was this when I was dating???  It's got everything you need to get a little sompin sompin.  It tastes like chocolate and it gets her drunk.  Put it all together and you've got the ULTIMATE PANTY REMOVER!!!  Am I right fellas???  Anyway...time for a shameless plug...St. Julian is having a 20% off sale all weekend on cases of wine and you can mix & match.  Plus, Dave will take you down to the cellar for BARREL TASTING!!!  Seriously, if you've necer been to St. Julian Winery, or you haven't been lately, get over there and partake in something that is "OURS" and is one of the best of it's kind on the planet.