On Nov. 24, 1991, a true rock and roll icon passed away due to complications from AIDS. A powerhouse voice and once-in-a-lifetime showman was taken far too early at age 45, but we remember Freddie Mercury with these unforgettable moments.

We found some pretty early footage of Mercury, including some film from his pre-Queen days. As for the legendary British band, we get into one of their earliest known filmed performances with “Keep Yourself Alive” in 1973. Over a decade later, Queen performed what’s widely considered the greatest set in rock history, gracing the Live Aid stage for under 30 minutes in 1985.

Though a fiercely dynamic stage performer, Mercury was also an extremely accomplished pianist, especially when it comes to the percussive and emotional aspects. Listening to Freddie pound the ivories is always a joy, so we threw in a version of “Don’t Stop Me Now” where the musician let his audience sing most of the intro.

Freddie was also quite the comedian during interviews. The music press wasn’t always so kind to Queen, so Mercury famously gave one interviewer a hard time. “I love my job, but I hate talking to people like you,” he said sheepishly before cracking a smile. Freddie also wished the very best for his fan base in a separate interview, saying, “I want everyone to get fucked all night, every day, just like I do.”

Check out these 10 Unforgettable Freddie Mercury Moments in the Loud List above.

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