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Michigan's Alice Cooper Films New Ad With Ohio's Baker Mayfield
Just the idea of Alice Cooper doing a commercial with Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield sounds like it could be funny. Add to that, that it's not a Flo and her co-workers ad and that makes it even more promising, as you know we'll be subjected to these probably throughout the ent…
The Most Amazing Walgreen's You'll Ever See Is A Short Drive Away
Reinvention is an amazing thing. I grew up in Chicago, and my one son lives about six blocks from an amazing reinvention/repurposing. Walgreen's, trying to fit into a gentrified neighborhood, took over a former bank building, and rather than tear down some classic architecture, fit their pharma…
What if....The Summer Olympics Had Been in Detroit in 1968?
I don't know how many people know the story, but Detroit bid on having the 1968 Summer Olympics. The International Olympic Committee ended up choosing Mexico City, but imagine for a second what having those games in Detroit would have been, for so many reasons.

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