The boys on the Rocker Morning Show are bringing back their celebration of the hard-working Rocker audience with Workplace of the Week. If you're a hardcore fan of The Rocker, get signed up below and The Rocker Morning Show with Meatball & Mark Frankhouse could select your place of employment to win a pizza lunch, compliments of B.C. Pizza on West Main in Kalamazoo.

So how does this work? It's super simple, sign up BELOW:

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How It Works

Every Friday just after 9 am, Meatball & Mark Frankhouse will choose a random workplace, and the entrant who signed them up will win their office a pizza lunch. Mark & Meatball will contact the winner shortly after to get information from the winner.

Then on Monday, The Rocker Morning Show and B.C. Pizza will deliver pizzas* to the winning office after the show. They will then pick a new winner the next Friday, so if you don't win the first week, continue to listen as you may be a future winner. Good luck, and thank you for supporting The Rocker.

*There may be a maximum amount of pizzas available to be delivered depending on staff size.




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