We are officially living in the future, and that future... is from Ohio.

Yes, believe it or not, the forefront of technological warfare, and maybe just some EXTREME over-the-top home protection security, is coming from an Ohio-based company "Throwflame," and they have announced the first run of flame-throwing, robot "dogs", that you could take home with you today.

And they're surprisingly affordable!

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Throwflame is a company that specializes in flame throwers, and building custom rigs. A lot of what they do is for people who use the fires to clear large patches of tall weeds, or ignite fields for burn offs and controlled burns on property.

Their biggest seller is the ARC Flame Thrower, which is a relatively small, hand-held unit that attaches to a tank on your back, and can be very mobile and versatile. They have also custom-fit drones with flame throwers, and build the more traditional two-handed models we've seen in video games, and soldiers carry.

But it's their latest technological leap that has people wondering... have we gone too far?

Introducing, the Thermonator!

It is the first-ever, flamethrower-wielding robot "dog," and is very impressive. It comes with a 30-foot range, fully functional camera system, obstacle avoidance, laser-guided system, a large lamp, and can run up to six mph.

Oh, right... it also has a flamethrower strapped to its back.

This thing is SICK, and can be yours for the low low price... of just $9,420. Under 10-grand, and you could own a flame-throwing robot dog. And if you're lucky enough to have much MORE than $10,000, you could supply an entire FLEET of these guys at your home!

Realistically, what would you use this for, other than to show off, and MAYBE occasionally burn stuff from a safe distance, while looking cool. Personally, this little guy would be sitting outside my front door 24/7.

Yeah... pull up on ole' "Sparky" and see what happens.

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