Now that winter is quickly leaving us, and we are headed towards warmer and rainier days, it’s important to remember that springtime can bring some dangerous and at times fatal unexpected weather.

The Midwest has had thousands of reported tornadoes and strong storms on Tuesday, April 2, a dangerous storm is moving into, the Midwest, and is causing some concerns where normally there would not be. Tuesday, we’ll see a large storm in front moving from the southeastern United States to the Midwest.

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The Weather Channel recently escalated the threat in Ohio primarily from Cincinnati to Columbus on their Torcon Meter up to 7. The scale itself goes up to 10 so that ranking indicates the possibility of an EF2 or stronger tornado.

Even people near the border of Ohio are worried about the storm front that's moving in:

I’ve never seen a tornado in southern WV and I’ve lived here 30 years. I have always heard the mountains keep them away but if one would happen to form here it would give a pin ball machine effect. I’m starting to freak out. But now my regular weather app says there’s only a 45% chance of rain. Maybe for my sanity I should believe that so I can get some sleep tonight.

How To Stay Prepared For An Ohio Tornado

Make sure that if you live in the path of the storm you're going somewhere where there is a basement or shelter. Keep your eye on the news and make sure you have a plan if it looks like a tornado may touch down near you.

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